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Agency Blog

Five Tips to Protect Your Home from Burglars

Each year, about 2,500,000 home burglaries are reported in the United States. Statistically, there are more break-ins in July and August than any other time of year. Having a stranger in your home can be unsettling and the losses costly. At Insurance Association of Baton Rouge, we encourage you secure your home and your family against intruders. Here are some ways you can increase the safety of your home:

1. Lock doors and windows. “Breaking in” is a bit of a misnomer – most burglars enter through doors and windows that were left open or unlocked.

2. Use lighting. Keep your home well-lit inside and out. Use motion sensors to automatically turn on exterior lights at the front and back of your house. When you’re away, use timers for your TV and interior lights to give the appearance that your home is occupied.

3. Strengthen entry points. Install solid core or metal doors, heavy-duty latch plates, and deadbolts at every entry point. Utilize locks (not just latches) to secure windows. If you open your windows for ventilation, keep the opening at less than 8” and make sure an intruder can’t easily slide it open or unlock it.

4. Get to know your neighbors. Make an alliance with a neighbor you can trust. Together, you can watch each other’s homes to protect them from thieves. When your neighbor is out of town, park your car in their driveway, take out the trash and pick up the bins at the allotted time, collect any mail piling up in the mailbox, and listen for an alarm siren.

5. Install a security system. Home security systems deter intruders and increase the likelihood that they will be caught. Alarms should have an audible warning signal, alerting you, your neighbors, and the burglar. Security systems in your home can automatically alert authorities of an incident, including not just burglaries but fires as well.

Installing a home security system can also save you money on your Home Insurance. The average customer with a security system saves 20% off of premiums. To find out more about this option and about other ways to protect your home, call or visit our Baton Rouge office today.

What do you do to keep your home secure?