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Agency Blog

Detailed High-Value Home Insurance Advice for Baton Rouge Area Residents

When you purchased your home, you probably realized a long-term goal: home ownership is a dream of many Americans, regardless of where they live or what they do. Home ownership does come with many responsibilities, including protecting the property you have worked so hard to obtain.


At Insurance Associates of Baton Rouge, LLC, we know how much effort you have put into purchasing your house and making it into your home. We also know how important it is to protect your investment against unforeseen losses and damages caused by windstorms, hurricanes, flood, sink holes, fire or theft.

That’s why our independent agents work so hard to provide the information you need to select the policy that is best for you:

  • High-value home insurance: Upgrades and improvements to homes have become a common occurrence. Whether you have invested heavily in a previously upgraded home or are making your own renovations, it is important that you have a policy that covers the full value of your home. We can help you choose a high-value home insurance policy that provides the maximum coverage available.
  • Vacation home insurance: Covering your vacation home is just as important as protecting your primary residence. We will help you compare quotes and explore multi-policy discounts to help you secure the best coverage at the lowest possible premiums.
  • Affordable coverage: Many mortgage lenders require that you carry insurance on the home throughout the life of the financing. Our agents will help you compare multiple policies to help you choose the best policy with the premium that fits your budget.
  • Umbrella policies: Many home policies offer limited coverage against liability in the event of an injury on your property or in a car accident. Adding an umbrella policy can help you avoid the costly expense of excess liability.
  • Flood insurance: Many homeowners are told that their property is not in a flood plain; however, any home can be flooded in severe weather. Flood insurance with fixed deductibles or low deductibles can be invaluable in helping you alleviate the burden of windstorm and flood damage, especially in a region regularly subjected to extreme weather, such as the Baton Rouge area.

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While some high-value home insurance policies offer protection for your personal property, others do not provide the coverage needed to cover your expenses in the event of a loss or an accident on your property.

Working closely with you to review your unique situation, we strive to help you select a comprehensive protection plan that offers the utmost in protection for your home and your property. We even offer advice on the proper steps to obtain a current appraisal of your property to ensure that your policy adequately reflects the value of all items:

  • Antiques
  • Art
  • Jewelry
  • Guns
  • Electronics
  • Collector cars
  • Scheduled property, including camera equipment and collectibles


Without the proper home insurance policy in place, an accident or unforeseen event may leave you paying a mortgage on a property you can’t afford to repair. Our knowledge of the personal insurance industry and our relationships with multiple insurance providers allow us to help you compare multiple quotes and choose the coverage and deductible that meets your unique needs.

Request a quote online or call 225-408-3333 to begin comparing available policies today. For answers to specific questions, contact our Baton Rouge insurance agency online.