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Agency Blog

Staying Financially Afloat When Floods Hit

With miles of scenic coastline, the Mississippi River’s wide path, and a low elevation, the state of Louisiana uniquely vulnerable to floods. The devastation from Hurricane Katrina was a painful reminder that much of our city is below sea level.

In Baton Rouge, the risk of flooding is high, even for homes not in a designated flood plain. Flash floods from heavy rainfall, hurricanes, and other extreme weather can occur anywhere and at any time. We can’t always count on the structures we’ve built to protect us. Floods also occur locally, when broken water pipes or faulty appliances fill homes with water.

No matter the cause, the damage from these incidents can be extensive. Consider this: just one inch of water in a modest-sized home can result in more than $10,000 in damage, according, a federal site that helps families and business owners to assess and understand their flood risk. Flood claims, however, are seldom covered by typical insurance policies, and many homeowners find themselves in deep financial trouble when flood waters rise.

There is help available. Through the National Flood Insurance Program, flood insurance is available for property owners looking for options to protect their homes and resources. Participating communities agree to enact policies that either meet or exceed the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s requirements to reduce the risk of flooding. Baton Rouge is an active participant in the program, allowing its residents to access the protection available through the program.

Coverage options for homeowners, business owners, and renters include contents-only, building-only, and comprehensive policies. A basic policy is inexpensive, especially when compared to the high costs of flood damage.

As a trusted flood insurance provider, our agents are available to answer any questions you have about this coverage. Contact our Mid City office to learn more about your options. We can help you select the solution that’s right for your home or business, and help you file a claim when the time comes as well.

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